Get your competitive advantage
with A Digital Edge

With the right training tools, all dedicated athletes have the ability to succeed. A Digital Edge provides data driven insights to inform training efforts of serious athletes and sustain competitive advantages. We call this process Excellence Through Awareness™.

The first release of A Digital Edge software is specifically designed for competitive figure skaters, their coaches, and parents.

If you are a serious athlete, coach, or parent interested in gaining this competitive advantage, apply now to our Private Beta Program.

We will contact you with relevant pricing and further details.


Training and Competition Analysis

Skaters, it’s time to have a clear picture of your hard work. A Digital Edge provides industry leading insight and graphical analysis of your training and competitive history to illustrate a clear picture of your progress.

  • Enter in your past competition scores
  • Receive customized reporting and analysis on your overall performance in competition and how it relates to your training efforts
  • Receive element scores trending over time, strategic program layout insight, and more
  • Gain clarity on your current abilities and areas for improvement
  • Use insights to pivot training strategies accordingly

Competitive Analysis

Coaches, stop attempting to remember scores your athletes’ competitors achieve. A Digital Edge provides in depth competitive analysis and illustrates how your athletes stack up to the competition.

  • View in depth competitive analysis on the competitions’ elements, segment scores, and more
  • Strategize your athlete’s program layout and element selection backed by real data and insight


Coaches, throw away the scraps of paper used to score daily program run-throughs by the boards. A Digital Edge offers the ability to electronically score, track, and analyze daily program run-throughs. All of the effort is saved in one location for easy reference.

  • Enter your student’s planned program
  • Score the program in real time as if you were on a tech panel
  • Receive customized reporting on program scores trending over time
  • Enter each lesson with a clear picture of athlete’s progress and which element/components need your time and attention

Goal Setting and Seasonal Planning

Work with A Digital Edge and all of the training/performance data provided to create a clear plan for your next season.

  • Reflect on all past performance analysis provided by A Digital Edge
  • Define, agree on, and record specific goals
  • Enter your season feeling confident in your strategies and plan

Task Assignment & Journaling Functionality

Skaters, gone are the days of notebooks. A Digital Edge provides a secure online platform for you and your coach to collaborate on corrections, exercises, and elements to practice.

  • Collaborate with your coaches on the elements you need to practice the most
  • Check off tasks or practice agendas as you complete
  • Journal your daily training efforts
  • Receive customized reports chronicling your hard work

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